Who likes panties

August 10th, 2006

You all do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! I know I love panties and I love having all kinds of panties wrapped around my dick when I’m thinking about fucking my girl in her tight ass with another pair of wet panties up to my face so I can inhale her wonderful scent!

Can you tell I’m horny and in the mood for some kinky sex and panty play? Who wants to join me and my girlfriend?

Bootyshort Blondes

August 1st, 2006

These blondies are HOT! I came across this picture set tonight when I was looking for pics of the sexy Seanna Teen. I’m really into sexy blondes and Seanna is definately that. What I loved most about what I found, was that Seanna wasn’t alone - she was with her sexy blonde friend Tiffany Teen and they are both wearing the sexiest bootyshorts around. I love colorful panties, especially when it’s sexy blonde lesbians wearing them…

seanna teen bootyshorts

Seanna Teen with hot blonde girlfiend Tiffany Teen in colorful panties!

Flat sexy stomach

July 24th, 2006

I’ve blogged about her before, but Kari Sweets is worthy of more blogging! Kari has the nicest petite body and looks so fucking hot in her tight panties. She has a ton of different pairs of panties and lingerie, and looks amazing in every last one of them. I would do bad bad things to Kari Sweets if I had the chance! She would like it though! ;)

kari sweets panties

Sexy petite teen Kari Sweets

PantyTranny Blog

July 23rd, 2006

PantyTranny.com is here! This is a great site that I’m helping a friend of mine develop. He’s new to the blog world, but definately has a thing for panties and trannies! Panty Tranny is a blog dedicated to sexy tranny and shemale girls wearing little panties, tight bikinis, skimpy lingerie, or nothing it all! It’s mostly devoted to trannies wearing panties, but not wearing panties can be a good thing too!

I know this kind of site may not be for some of you, but if you’ve ever been curious about trannies or shemales, it’s definately worth taking a peek at. I’m trying to help my friend make the site the best it can be with lots of sexy tranny girls and panties galore! Be sure to check out PantyTranny.com!

My Great PantyJob

July 20th, 2006

Well, my girl left for the weekend to visit some relatives, but it’s ok - she stayed over last night and we had one of the best fuck fests ever! We had sex in about 20 different places in the house of the course of about 4 or 5 hours. It was fucking amazing. That’s not what this entry is all about though. This entry is about the fan-fucking-tastic panty job that I just had…

If you aren’t familiar with what a pantyjob is, take a look at this site. Now, tonight’s panty job was a bit different than you’ll find at PantyJobs.com, as I was all alone. Now that may sound shitty at first, but let me explain…

Yesterday morning, my girl came over wearing a little short denim skirt with a white thong underneath. She looked fucking amazing! We watched a little tv, lounged around a bit, then decided to take a dip in the pool. Well, she dropped her skirt and panties, put on her sexiest white Victorias Secret bikini and we had a nice relaxing swim in the pool. When we got out, she put on a pair of pink and white Victorias Secret bikini cut panties. These are probably one of my favorites pairs of underwear she has. They’re pink and white checkered pattern, with the signature VS waistband on the top. Now, I love thongs, I love satin underwear, and I love lacy panties, but these bikini-cut cotton panties are such a turn on! Let the horniness begin! We ending up doing a few things yesterday afternoon - went to the mall, bought some clothes (no panties this time unfortunately), ate some lunch, and rented a movie. So by the time the evening rolled around and the movie started, we started getting it on, which turned into the 5 hour fuck fest I mentioned above. By the time we were done and showered, she put on the sexiest pair of pink boyshorts ever. They fit her round ass perfectly! I just wanted to take a bite of her ass like a nice juicy peach in the most perfect packaging. To cut that story a bit short, she left this morning. BUT, she also left all of her cotton panties with me!!

Now, my girl knows how much I love her panties, and seeing that she’ll be gone for a few days, she wanted to leave a nice little parting gift. Let me tell ya, I violated those three pairs of panties like no other! I had her white thong up to my nose with the pink boyshort panties wrapped around my nuts, while I stroked myself to bliss with the pink and white checkered bikini cut cotton pantie. My senses didn’t know what to do with themselves… my nose was taking in the wonderful scent of my girl’s pussy, while the boyshorts on my balls felt so smooth and fantastic, and the sight of her checkered cotton Victorias Secret panties wrapped around my raging dick… oh the sight of the panties and feel and smell of everything about my girl… I just couldn’t take it anymore. I took in one last deep breath of the scented thong while I gave my sac a little tug with the boyshort panties, I erupted everything I had into her cotton panties that I had wrapped around me. I just layed there for ten minutes absorbing this fantastic feeling I had with my girl’s panties and the solo panty job I just gave myself.

Regardless of the amazing, and lengthy, night me and my girl had last night, this was definately one of the best solo sessions I’ve ever had with panties! Not to say I don’t love having wild panty sex and every other kind of sex with my girl, but if need be, I can definately take care of myself with a good panty job when I need to!!

PantyVote.com Updated

July 20th, 2006

Hey everybody, Panty Vote has been updated! Don’t forget to vote on your favorite panties daily at PantyVote.com!!

Cutie Next Door

July 19th, 2006

One of my favorite panty loving teens is Kari Sweets. This petite teen hottie has the most amazing body, and looks fucking fantastic in her skimpy panties! Kari is a petite brunette girl that has fun like she’s a blonde. I don’t care what hair color you have, if you look as good as Kari Sweets in her panties, you have me for life! Not only does Kari Sweets look great in her panties, but she looks great in anything she wears - including tight tshirts, hip-hugging jeans, lacy bras, and all that sexy lingerie she wears inside her members area! Kari - you have won over the heart of a panty lover!

kari sweets thong

Don’t miss out on Kari Sweets in her skimpy panties and sexy lingerie! She has the body of a goddess!

Beach Time is Here

July 17th, 2006

It’s officialy summer (even though it has been for about a month)! Why not enjoy a hottie like Karen Dreams in her skimpy little bathing suit…

black bikini at the beach

More panty pics here!

Tight Red Bikini

July 10th, 2006

Today is a special day… I found a site that has sexy girls in panties, although there’s more than meets the eye with these panty girls! I’ll let this hot picture set of Carla explain what I’m talking about…

red bikini

Sexy Carla in her tight red bikini!

Horny with Panties

July 10th, 2006

lesbian teens
So it’s late at night and I’m horny as can be. I have a pair of my girl’s pink and white cotton panties right next to me, but I can’t do anything with them! I’m going out of town this week and she’s going to be coming over tomorrow for a good romp in the sack, so I don’t want to let one go tonight just to make sure that tomorrow is that much better. What makes it worse is that I’m surfing for some porn, and I came across one of the sexiest picture sets ever. It’s hard to refrain from anything when I find sexy teens with their sexy lesbian girlfriends! Dana Lightspeed and Ashley Lightspeed look so hot together. These two teen girlfriends make the party even hotter when the get naked with two more sexy lightspeed girls for a four girl orgy!!

I can’t wait for tomorrow night to get here so I can do something with my girl’s lil cotton panties and her tight wet pussy!

Dana Lightspeed and three other sexy naked teens

Panty Pops