Panties in Class

Class was great tonight. I actually wrote my post while I was there so I could capture everything exactly as it was…

I’m sitting in the back of my class right now and have the best view. Right in front of me is a petite brunette in tight jeans and a tight white long sleeve shirt that shows off her perky boobs just right. Probably a nice B cup. I have yet to see her panties, but by the time class is over, I’m sure her blue jeans will slide down just enough to let the top of her panties show. Last week she was wearing a black g-string with sexy little rhinestones on the top.

Two rows to the left and one seat up is a petite blonde that always wears sexy tight clothes. She tries really hard to not let her panties show, but being a professional panty voyeur, I never miss a panty shot! She has a pair of tight purple sweats on tonight that say “Juicy” on her round butt, and underneath is a purple Victoria’s Secret cotton thong with the Victoria’s Secret logo around the waistband. I only saw it for a few seconds, but I can spot a Victoria’s Secret original cotton thong from a mile away!

The best view I have tonight is two desks up and one to the right. This cute blonde is the perfect girl next door, wearing blue jeans and a little black jacket that’s unzipped. Under her tight denim jeans are the perfect pair of panties for that girl next door look - a plain white thong. I can’t tell if they’re cotton panties or not, but they look like a pair of panties from the “Body by Victoria” line of underwear. They aren’t the low-rise one’s either, because they’re quite clearly showing the top inch or two of her thong; or as some people call it - the “Whale tail”! I hope she takes her jacket off because that’s the thing that keeps blocking my view of her cute white thong panties. I’m sure she will, as the professor likes it hot in here. I think he’s onto something!

Update - The petite brunette in front of me is now showing some underwear! Tonight she’s wearing a black g-string again, but I can tell it’s not the same as last week because there aren’t any rhinestones on the top of her butt floss. Just a pair of sexy black gstring panties that fit her petite body so well!

I love this class! There are so many panty voyeur opportunities that I can’t even focus! If I don’t pass, at least I’ll have some great panty memories!

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