Colorful Undies

October 28th, 2008

Just want to let everyone know about the newest panty site around…

Colorful Undies

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Happy Panty Fun!

Panty Nightcap

October 28th, 2008

So I went out drinking this weekend at a local bar and let me tell ya… there were more fine ladies with tight bodies then I’ve ever seen there before. There were petite blondes, busty brunettes, and more hot blondes! A hot blondie with a tight body always does it for me. Even for an experienced panty lover like me, it was still hard to tell what kind of panties some of them were wearing. Maybe they weren’t even wearing any, but I’m sure most had on some tight low-rise thongs under their jeans. That seems to be the style these days. Now, I love low-rise thongs, but it’s just so damn hard to get a good panty peek!

So after a good amount of drinks with my buddies, the cabby brought me home to my comfy awaiting bed. Normally, I’d pass out right away, but this time I had an overwhelming desire to have a pair of panties around my cock! Talking to and seeing all these beautiful panty wearing babes, I couldn’t help but dig into my panty stash and find a pair of little thong panties that I could enjoy. This thong is from an ex girlfriend that had left a few pairs of panties at my house - well, maybe I had something to do with the panties being left at my house. ;) Anyway, I ended up playing for about 5 minutes with that soft blue cotton thong before I was blowing my load all over it! Even after all that alcohol, those panties and the thought of all the beautiful panty-clad hotties at the bar, made me so excited I couldn’t handle it too long. No more than 2 minutes later, I was sound asleep with a cotton thong wrapped around my cock and dreaming about petite panty wearing blondes!

A little bit of panty fun with an ex-gfs panties is always a great way to end a fun night of drinking and flirting!

From the archive: Delicious Diddylicious

March 23rd, 2006

Cute petite girls are great! Cute petite teens named Diddy are even better! Diddy from Diddylicious is such a hottie. There’s something about this petite teen brunette that drives me crazy. She looks so good with her tight body in her skimpy little panties. She looks great out of panties too!

diddylicious bathing in blue boyshorts
diddylicious in lingerie with her lesbian girlfriend
diddylicious in her bra and panties

More of this sexy petite teen babe at!

I have to say, Diddy from is one my favorite teen girls at the moment!

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite panties at!

Lots of Bras!

July 2nd, 2008

I know this is a panty site, but doesn’t mean I’m not a big fan of the panty counterpart - the bra! Besides, where there’s a bra, there’s normally a panty, and I’m ok with that! Check out these two new how bra fetish sites…

Bra Cuties

Only Bra

So don’t limit yourself to only panties, enjoy a sexy bra to go with ‘em at and!!

Panty Shopping for me

June 25th, 2008

Today I was a bit bored and thought I would stop by the local discount store and see if they had any nice panties for sale that I liked… for some reason, I was extra nervous today. I think it’s because I wasn’t shopping for the girl, but for myself instead. I’m sure people would just figure they were for my girl, but I felt guilty!

I walked in and there weren’t many people so that was good. It’s not just a clothing store so they have all kinds of stuff there - housewares, kitchen stuff, etc. I walked right back to the intimates section and nobody was looking at anything so I headed right to the narrow panty aisle. There were actually two panty aisles, I discovered, but the other one had panties that were way too small for me. They had all kinds of full back panties, boyshorts, bikinis, thongs, string bikinis, and everything else. There weren’t a whole lot of very colorful panties, but they were almost all nice and soft. I was getting pretty excited just looking at all the different options. There were a couple pairs that caught my eye, but nothing too spectacular. I’m not really even too sure what size I need so I didn’t get anything this time. I’m still in the panty shopping mood so I think I may go back pretty soon and pick out something nice for myself. Maybe I’ll get some for the girl too, but I normally get her the more expensive stuff.

I’m actually getting a bit nervous just writing this and thinking back, but getting a bit excited too! It’s a bit of a rush when I know I’m shopping for myself even though I doubt anybody that may happen to see me would give it a second thought. Perhaps that’s all part of the fun!

I’ll be sure to post my store next time I go shopping!

Kayden Love panties

June 24th, 2008

I’m always happy when there’s a new hottie around that loves to show off in her panties and lingerie. Today, I came across Kayden Love who is a hot teen brunette beauty that has the softest smooth skin and loves to wear all kinds of panties and lingerie! Just check out Kayden Love’s smooth bod in her sexy little pink cotton panties

pink panties

Kayden Love in panties is a very hot site and I’d love to shoot a big load on those cute cotton undies of hers after I pull out of her smooth pink pussy!

New Panty Websites

June 12th, 2008

Hey everyone!… I know it’s been a while since I posted, but it’s because I’ve been working on some new panty websites for all you panty lovers to check out - two thong fetish sites and one for all kinds of panties has new galleries everyday of lots of hotties in skimpy little thong panties and thong bikinis! It’s updated every day with new thong galleries. has some of the sexiest and skimpiest little gstrings and thongs tucked nicely in hot booties! covers all kinds of panties… lace, satin, silk, thongs, fullbutt, boyshorts, cotton, and everything in between! It’s one of my favorite sites so if you only check out one, PantyRotica is the one for all you panty fantatics!

So there you have it, some hot panty action for everyone at:

Thong Wish, Booty Floss, and PantyRotica!

That should keep the panty perv in all of you busy for at least a little while! Be sure to check back soon though since I’m having some good panty fun lately and can’t wait to post some more of my panty antics!

Satin Panty Sex

June 2nd, 2008

I know you’re all big lovers of panty fucking and I know I certainly am! Well, this is some of the hottest panty sex I’ve come across!…

satin panty sex

Check out this hot little schoolgirl pull her shiny satin panties to the side while she gets pounded in her school girl outfit and smooth soft panties!

If you have to see more right now, I can’t blame you - panty pounding is hot! Check out Panty Pounders!

Panty Pounders

May 27th, 2008

Hi folks… It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m going to try posting a lot more from now on. Today I want to welcome a new premium panty website that just hit the net… Panty Pounders! It’s what the Panty Perv is all about… hot chicks playing with their panties around your cock and you fucking them wildly while they keep their cute little panties on and pulled to the side! Panty Pounders has some pretty good videos that are exclusive to them so you won’t see them anywhere else. And don’t expect just pictures of girls in panties, PantyPounders is all about pounding these girls pussy’s while they wear panties!

Wanna take a sneak peak at some panty pounding fun? Here ya go…

panty fun

I have to admit, I love sites like this because they aren’t your normal panty picture sites that has girls in sexy panties (which I still love!), but it really aims to get you off with the panty fetish lover in mind. They know what you like, and they give it to you… just like the dudes at Panty Pounders give it to the little hotties that open their panty drawer and grab every pair of panties they have, just to please you with all their sexiness… satin and lace and cotton and thongs and everything else… Panty Pounders has some hot panty fucking action for sure!

Tonight’s Panties

March 29th, 2008

So my girl is doing a little shopping today and has a Victoria’s Secret gift card she’s going to be using! I can’t wait to find out what kind of sexy panties and lingerie she’s getting. I think I’ll be doing my own panty pops on her sexy new panties, just after she gives me a killer panty job! She’s gotten so good at getting me off with her panties and I certainly don’t mind her practicing! I hope she gets a smooth satin panty to wrap around my dick tonight… I just got that craving as I’m writing this post!

I hope all you out there have some good panty fun tonight and blow some great big satisfying panty pops!

Valentine’s Day lingerie

February 17th, 2008

I mentioned the other day about the sneak peek my girl gave me of her Valentine’s Day panties, well, Valentine’s day has passed and I got to experience the entire panty and lingerie experience! After going out to dinner and have a couple tasty strawberry margaritas, we made it back to my place for a nightcap. She wouldn’t tell me what she bought, but I found out quick enough. I hopped into bed while she went to go “freshen up.” As she walked into the bedroom, I almost blow my load right there seeing her in a new silky babydoll from Victoria’s Secret! It was white with pink lace trim and little pink polkadots. Her boobs were pushed up and the bottom was like a little skirt that covered about half of her sexy ass! Underneath were the silky panties she showed me the other day. There’s not a whole lot more I can say as I couldn’t wait to ravage her silk babydoll covered body with her little smooth silk panties pulled to the side. All I can say is… it was amazing and I love when she wears sexy silk lingerie and panties!

After going at it for a bit and both being exhausted, she took off the babydoll and tossed it on top of my as I lay there in bed. She playfully asked if I wanted to put in on, but as hot as that sounded, I wanted the night to be all about her in her sexy new silk lingerie. But that doesn’t mean the time won’t come… ;)

Panty Pops